This is a real photography tip, better than a stock recommendation or a winning parlay.   Obviously there are plenty of great and even extraordinary photographers out there.  Jackson Bridges is one of those, but more.  He has lots of experience.  I am not divulging his age, but I can tell you he doesn’t act it.  I had the privilege of shooting with him over parts of three days near his hometown of Page, Arizona.  This man brings a youthful joy to his work.  Yes we were seeking the golden-hour light, but he was not waiting for it nor abandoning his camera after sunset.  A daytime shadow, a cloud, a pattern – he’s out of his car firing away.  Moonlight is his specialty, but not enough? – add flash or a flashlight.   He loves taking pictures, anytime, day or night.  He’ll also talk you through technical or artistic issues.  If you plan photographing in that area, I would strongly encourage calling him and perhaps spending some camera time with him.  He knows the area, the timing of the best light, etc.  Click on his name to open his Web site – now that’s a guaranteed winner.  


Richard Gaston Photography